Here’s a list with examples of some of my work that I can publicly share.


Route was a startup building a Marketing Automation Platform. Joined the company in January of 2014 and stayed there until de product reached its End-Of-Life in November 2016.

Some of my contributions:

Product Positioning and Messaging

Route Homepage

Defined the Positioning and Messaging of the product. Wrote the copy in the website and planed the content sctructure, images and navigation. Worked with the frontend developer to launch the site.

Route’s website is no longer available but it’s possible to access it through this link from Web Archive:

Product Updates

Route Product Updates

Built the Product Update page to be our Change Log and wrote blog posts about our new launches.

Web Archive links:

Product Documentation

Route Product Documentation

Wrote Route’s documentation page.

Web Archive link:

Product Launch

Route Product Hunt launch

Route was launched in Beta in late 2014 but it was a soft launch and we rolled out gradually inviting people that subscribed to our Beta Test. In August 2015 we launched a new version of the platform.

I was in charge of launching it and our main goal was being featured in Product Hunt.

Product Hunt link:

Setup Guide Ebook

Wrote and designed our first Setup Guide.

Ebook link:

Grupo A

Grupo A is one of the leading education companies in Brazil. They have a portfolio of products for universities, from books to Learning Management Systems. I worked in the team representing Blackboard in Brazil.

Website Structure, Messaging and Copy

Blackboard Homepage

Worked with an external agency to build the new Blackboard site managed by Grupo A. Defined the Messaging and wrote the copy the agency needed to use in the website. Also guided the agency in how we should structure the pages and content of the website.

Website link:

Video Demo

Wrote the script and recorded the platform demo to be displayed in our Booth at CIAED’s event, one of the major events in Brazil for the higher education market.

Platform Overview

Wrote the script, recorded and edited the video showing Moodlerooms Platform Overview.


Plataformatec was a well known Software Development consultancy among companies using Ruby and Elixir as their main Programming Languages to build their products.

Joined the company to work in their new Positioning in the market.

Website Messaging

Plataformatec Homepage

After our internal work to define the new Positioning I was responsible to build and launch Plataformatec’s new website. It had a version in English and another one in Portuguese.

The way we talked about the company and our products was slightely different because of the market. In Brazil we were strong with our Ruby and Agile services and in the US our main product was Elixir development.

The company no longer exists because it was acquired by Nubank through a Acqui-hiring.

Web Archive link:

Customer Cases

Worked with our Video Producer and PR agencies to record two customer cases.


VTEX is one of the biggest digital commerce companies in the world. I’m the PMM overlooking all of VTEX technical products. I don’t have publicly available work to share but I helped on of our teams during the launch of our Live Shopping app.

Launch Video

I created the Positioning and Messaging for the Live Shopping app and it was used as a guide to create this video. Was not responsbile for the script, only as a reviewer.

For this video I defined what Product Screens we would show and the interactions we needed to demonstrate.

Cursos PM3

I was invited to be an instructor for their Product Marketing course. I gave two lectures: Competitive Analysis and Go-To-Market Metrics.

Curso PM3 instrutores

Here’s the course curriculum (in Portuguese)

Personal Accomplishments

I was voted one of the 100 Product Marketing influencers:

I was also featured in PMA’s 30+ Product Marketers to look out for in 2022:

Felipe Barbosa