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Marketing automation is a tool that helps streamline the efforts of marketing, sales, customer service and other departments focused on customers within an organization, to procure and maintain a good customer base, with the ultimate aim of increasing revenue and maximizing efficiency.

The internet regularly provides marketing professionals with a lot of information about consumer behavior. Tools focused in web analytics, social analytics and monitoring have been around for a while, generating a great amount of data.

Although these tools are very helpful, marketers had to manually set and execute actions using these tools to reach the prospects, leads or clients. That’s where marketing automation fits in.

Simply put, marketing automation is a tool that helps automate marketing campaigns by analyzing your customers. This saves a lot of time and efforts (mainly for your marketing and sales task force), helps drive lead conversions and simplifies business.

How does marketing automation help your business?

Using a marketing automation tool like Route helps you generate more interest about your business by targeting the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. Find your right audience by tracking user behavior and understanding them better.

This will also help you figure out how they fit in your marketing and sales pipeline.

Depending on how far along they are in the pipeline, you can craft relevant and meaningful message that draws their attention and solves their problems.

There’s an estimation that only 25% of your prospects are ready to buy your product or service and 50% of them are qualified but not ready. If you can keep this 50% interested in your brand, it is very likely that they’ll buy your product or service, not your competitors’.

Lastly, with the help of buyer behavior analysis, you can automate when to send the right message at the right time. This saves a lot of time and efforts, converts more leads to customers, and thus, significantly boosts your ROI.

But the benefits do not end here. A key benefit that marketing automation offers is measuring and monitoring your performance. This will help you decide what strategy works best for your business and increase the effectiveness of your efforts in reaching your target audience.

Better ROI and money well spent.