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The differences between sending emails “Like a Human” and “Like a Software”.

Let’s start by imagining the following scenario: you are using Route as your Marketing Automation software and have started creating the automated messages that will be part of your Lead Nurturing campaign.

While thinking about the flow of emails you have the option to create emails that Route defines as Like a Human and Like a Software.

How to choose the best option wisely?

In this post I’m going to explain the differences and when to use them.

Email “Like a Human”

One of the most powerful features of a Marketing Automation software is to send personalized emails at the right time to the right person with the right content.

This idea is not only valid to the content itself but also to the way you present it to the person you are reaching through the email.

Use Like a Human emails to appear as if someone actually invested their time and efforts to draft the email.

This means that you’ll use plain text and no HTML templates, you’ll use just simple formatting like bold, italic or underline, you’ll write the text in an informal way and be as personal as possible in your message.

You can even use a message like “sent from my iPhone”, at the end of the email, to make the person believe that you used your mobile phone to send the email and not a Marketing Automation software.

To sum it up, choose to send email Like a Human when it’s important to put a face to the message, to be more personal and to imply that someone took the time to write it.

Here at Route we use this kind of emails whenever we want to put the person in contact with a specific person here in our company, when offering personal help to use our product, when sending personalized offers to our users, asking for feedback… anything that we consider to be a personal message, not a one size fits all message.

Email “Like a Software”

There are lots of emails that people are used to see the as “automated”.

This happens because we are familiar with Email Marketing and the messages we receive in our newsletters from blogs and offers from stores that we subscribe to.

Usually this kind of message comes with a beautiful HTML template and an “one fits all” message. In thoses cases you don’t mind showing it was a automated message that you created in advance and set to be triggered automatically.

All of our Like a Software emails will include an unsubscribe and the company’s address. Actually, you’ll only be able to send this kind of email when you complete your profile with information about your organization, including its address.

We use this kind of emails to send regular welcome messages, emails with offers that will fit all of our contacts, messages with information about Route and emails with our blog posts or insights material.

We use it in all those cases for which we feel deep personalization isn’t that important.

Choose it wisely

When creating the messages, think about the moment the people reading it will be in your sales funnel and how your emails can help them to move to the next stage.

Imagine all possible situations and when a message from a person is more powerful than a regular one that looks exact like any other Email Marketing campaign.

The secret here is knowing how to mix these different type of emails without overusing one or another.

Need more help with our emails?

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